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soul work for women in
midlife + menopause

Beloved Sister,

If you are ready to feel comfortable and connect

with your body and your changing cycles 

If you are feeling depressed and frustrated

If you feel repressed anger rumbling to the surface

If you are not sure how to heal what's been hiding within

If your intuition is growing, your dreaming is prolific

and you are experiencing womb awakening symptoms

If you are ready to feel your feelings, heal your relations,

trust your body wisdom and spiritual awakening

This space is for you!


I'm Michelle


My passion for metaphysical studies and self-care began in my early 20s with yoga and holistic healing. In my mid 40s, my body and her cycles began to change, so did I. I worked hard to stay in shape, stay young and keep the pace - even when my body ached and I was exhausted. 

I became a yoga instructor to heal my body from years of injuries in my hips and spine, and discovered my body's need for more nourishment and restoration. This discovery became my spiritual awakening and healing. 

My Midlife passage has been a journey of reconnection. I have spent years with organic healers, shamanic practitioners and teachers who honor the ways of our ancestors.

I have experience and training in ceremony, ritual, somatic therapies, yoga, womb yoga and vibrational sound therapy, and Reiki with a special focus on Womb Wellness. Blending organic feminine wisdom with somatic therapies makes this work powerful and unique. 

I created this space to support women who are experiencing the call of their feminine awakening and spiritual change that comes with Midlife and Menopause. My Midlife has been a journey of healing and reclaiming the divine feminine within. I believe yours can be too.

working with me

Midlife is a pilgrimage through years of body changes, personal and spiritual discovery.

I am here to tell you that you can nurture a loving relationship with yourself, embody your feminine nature and experience a new level of power as you journey with your Midlife and Menopause.


I offer gentle ceremonies, restorative therapies, womb wellness

and mentoring designed to support you in understanding your cycles,

your swings and your spiritual awakening.  



Experience calm, intuitive synergy 

utilizing gentle plant ceremony with support from Cacao, Blue Lotus or Rose Petal Tea.


womb wellness

Connect with your body and womb space

using tools like Cycle Attunement, Womb Reiki, Womb Yoga Vaginal Steaming and mentoring.

restorative therapies

Clear energy centers and harmonize your body, mind and spirit with Reiki, Vibrational Sound Therapy, Womb Reiki and Vaginal Steaming.



Private mentorship for women who are ready to awaken and embody their full divine

feminine and wild essence.

No upcoming events at the moment

lets connect ...

Orlando, Florida

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