Embody the Feminine Within

Womb~led Awakening, Connection & Healing

Meet Michelle

Shamanic Healing Arts Practitioner

I was born wild, intuitive and free. My passion for self~awareness and holistic care began in my 20s with yoga, alternative medicine and mystical living. My personal womb awakening came as I entered my menopausal years. I entered a shamanic journey of sacred feminine remembering and reclamation. My healing, studies and certifications are birthed through intuitive pulses and womb~led shamanic journeys

Petal Alchemy was created as a sacred space to support the revolution in women's healing ~ womb awakening, connection and wellness. Women are ready to reconnect with their womb space in a non~invasive, holistic and spiritual way. We are asking for radical self~care practices like cyclical living, mindfulness and embodiment .

The tapestry of my qualifications as a Womb Shaman and Healing Arts Practitioner span from over 35 years of wisdom and experiential practice.


When you work with me you may experience these tools to support your womb awakening journey:

Ceremony & Ritual

Sage & Herbal Smudging

Gentle Plant Ceremonies

Chrystal Energy Healing

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Breathwork & Meditation

Reiki Energy Healing

Womb Yoga & Pelvic Alchemy

Vaginal Steaming

Channeled Guidance

Release Rituals & Ceremonies

Vagal Toning & Voice Activation

Spiritual Mentoring

Ancestral Healing


Why Womb Wellness?

The womb is more than the physical reproductive organs in your body - vagina, cervix, ovaries and uterus. The womb rests within the Pelvis of the body ... the seat of our wisdom and power. When the womb is out of alignment life feels out of balance. Womb~led wellness is an important tool to bring about balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of all of life. When we awaken, connect and heal our feminine wisdom, we awaken deeper levels of inner knowing, intimacy and open ourselves up to fully be seen and heard.

Womb wellness is rooted in tending to your whole being as a multifaceted journey of care and healing. Michelle offers a space to allow deeper healing over an extended period of time. Womb~centered approach to wellness focuses on the somatic field of bodywork and movement to help you heal on a physical, emotional, spiritual and cellular level. This approach helps you unwind from old patterns and stories, paving new energetic pathways of awareness, support and self~care practices.

Whether you are menstruating, experiencing peri or menopausal symptoms, or have a partial or full hysterectomy - you still have a womb space. Your womb-space is an energetic portal of divinely feminine power, alive and waiting for you to connect with her.

Womb wellness may be for you if ...

You are experiencing feminine health issues

Menstrual disharmony, cramps, irregular cycles, PMS, fibroids, constipation, dark blood, infertility, disconnection, numbness or pain.


You are experiencing pelvic pain

Low back pain, hip pain: Muscle imbalances can cause injury. All nerves in the lower body are in the sacrum and lumbar spine. If they are unstable or stretched they can cause organ imbalance in the pelvic bowl - where the womb lives.

You are experiencing disharmony in your relationships

Depression, disconnection, anxiety, lethargy: The womb holds our emotions and stories. This is where our relationship imprints are anchored in the body creating energetic blocks. Familial, ancestral, past and present lovers and sexual trauma. 

You are ready to feel safe in your body and trust your life decisions

You feel disconnected from your body, your spirit and your wisdom. You are ready for a deeper spiritual connection, to trust inner wisdom and intuition. 

You want to know your purpose

You want to trust your life decisions and find your sacred mission.

You are ready to reclaim your power

The womb is the seat of your power and wisdom. The thrown to your queendom.

What women are saying...

"This work comes with a whisper. A soft awakening. It will not jar you, push you for force you. That curiosity is a subtle invitation to remember what you already know. Michelle is a master at holding space, knowing it is already there within you. The gentleness and fierceness with which she loves and guides you is unmatched."

~ Jenny