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embodiment arts.

embodiment ...

Embodiment explores the relationship between the physical body and energy body. 


Embodiment explores the interaction of the body, emotions, thoughts and actions. 


We have been trained to ignore our internal landscape (emotional body) and what the physical body is telling us (or what it needs). We are all pulled by external demands and expectations - school, work, etc.


Petal Alchemy offers Embodiment Arts and practices to align the body for healing through self-awareness, connection, curiosity, mindfulness and self-regulation to find and bring into balance. These practices fall within the arts of somatic psychologies ~ events that impact the emotional, cognitive, physical and spiritual being as a whole. 

We move into the body to find the answers,

where a natural, intuitive invitation inward can be found - an innate wisdom within. 

When you inhabit your SELF fully, you become free of denial or repression.

When you are fully inhabiting your SELF, you are full of Body Wisdom.

When you listen to the language of your body you are able to access a full range of emotional and spiritual freedom.  Remembering that in your natural embodiment you reclaim a part of your innocence. Your sense of curiosity, delight and joy are an every day expression of who you truly are. 


Ceremony makes special the road we are walking together to initiate and integrate deeper experiences of embodied transformation.


sound therapy

Vibrational Sound Therapy & Reiki brings the full body and parasympathetic nervous system into harmony, promoting optimal wellbeing.


Yoga for embodiment ...  an exploration into formlessness and surrender through intentional, somatic movement.


Womb arts focuses on a somatic field of bodywork and movement to help you awaken and reclaim your divinely feminine power. 


begin your journey ...

Embodiment = to know thyself;

inhabiting full self; inhabiting yourself fully.

When you embody who you are you are 

listening to the language of your body

listen to how you truly feel.

All felt sensations are alive in you, welcome in you.

You move through your world from this place.


Each journey will include a unique, artistic blending of intuitive energetic healing, somatic therapies and spiritual counseling crafted for integrative well~being and care.

This is an invitation to identify and untangle old stories and patterns that keep you feeling unsafe, unworthy or separated from knowing who you are. 

This work comes with a whisper. A soft awakening. It will not jar you, push you or force you. That curiosity is a subtle invitation to remember what you already know. Michelle is a master at holding space, knowing it is already there within you. The gentleness and fierceness with which she loves and guides you is unmatched. 

~ Jenny

my approach

I believe we have the potential for all things…. to feel all things. When we celebrate our grief and our orgasm as equal we liberate ourselves to fully embody who we are here to be. This work is an invitation to identify and untangle old stories and patterns that keep you feeling unsafe, unworthy or separated from knowing who you are.

about me

I have spent my life flowing in a tapestry of magic and art. At an early age mystical experiences had a lasting and profound influence shaping me and my life path. I birthed Petal Alchemy as a sacred space to support the revolution in women's healing ~ Feminine Embodiment.