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menopause rebel

I have spent my life flowing in the tapestry of magic and art. At an early age many mystical experiences had a lasting and profound influence on shaping me and my life path. I spent my childhood immersed in poetry and playful arts. My passion for metaphysical studies and self~care began in my early 20s with yoga, movement and holistic living. 

My healing studies have been nurtured through intuitive curiosities and spirit led pulses. My passion was led by the want to understand my body and heal myself of traumatic experiences. I birthed Petal Alchemy as a sacred space to inspire alternative ways of healing. My vision is to bring restoration and harmony in service to human evolution. 

When you work with me you may experience ...

Ceremony & Ritual

Sage & Herbal Smudging

Gentle Plant Ceremonies

Crystal Energy Healing

Vibrational Sound Therapy

Breathwork & Meditation

Reiki Energy Healing

Womb Yoga & Somatic Movement

Vaginal Steaming

Channeled Guidance

Release Rituals & Ceremonies

Ancestral Healing

Spiritual Mentoring

Studies & Certifications

200 Hr. Alignment Hatha YTT

Reiki 1

Reiki 2 + 3 - focused Aquatic Womb Healing Arts 

Vibrational Sound Therapist 

Peristeam (Yoni Steam) Facilitator 


My Approach

Drawing on my years of practical training and passionate discover, we will work to transform your connection to your physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. My offerings are an invitation to identify and untangle old patterns in the body, mind and spirit to bring you back to equanimity and harmony.

Your session will be a blend of intuitive energetic healing, somatic therapies and spiritual counseling crafted for integrative well~being and care. Each session will include a unique, artistic blending of education, somatic movement, breath work, sound therapy and spiritual mentoring.

I believe Integration is an integral process for embodiment. I am committed to initiating a pathway that nurtures your integration with spiritual guidance and support. Your journey will include self~care practices, self~discovery prompts, rituals and meditations. 

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