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Find Your Flow

4 week Activation | May 1, 2023

Find Your Flow is​ a 4 week womb awakening 

journey with elemental Womb Yoga.



~ You are craving feminine connection with your body and a deeper understanding of your cycles.

~ You long for organic self-healing for your body and soul.


~ You are ready to physically and energetically support your body with new awareness and honor your womb wisdom. 


~ You are ready to awaken your wild feminine Flow!


This is your invitation to join Find Your Flow...

4 weeks of activation for women to connect to their Womb and body wisdom through elemental Yoga. 



This is a journey will gift you with deep body wisdom as you cultivate feminine connection, curiosity and a safe foundation within.

You will be held in a transformational space as you ...


~ Activate, explore and nurture a your unique cyclical nature.


~ Experience deeper connection with your body and

Womb space.


~ Feel profound embodiment and understand how to

honor your needs. ​

~ Receive intimate support and sisterhood.

My teachings throughout Find Your Flow will weave shamanic Womb wisdom with Somatic Movement to support you in connecting with your wild power. Each week is filled with new new discovery, journal prompts, rituals so you can tune in, turn on and share in the safety of your home. 


This work comes with a whisper. A soft awakening.

It will not jar you, push you or force you. That curiosity inside of you is a subtle invitation to remember what you already know.


What’s included: 

~ Live Zoom Calls (+ Recordings) each week.

~ Weekly Private Emails for focused attention, prompts, rituals and support. 

~ Private What'sAp text connection with me for intimate support. 

~ BONUS: 1 Private Virtual Session. 

In Find Your Flow you will ….


   ~ Cultivate a new connection with your body + womb space

~ Explore movement and somatic healing in your body

   ~ Implement connection to nurture your unique cyclical nature

~ Learn to flow differently in your life

    ~ Honor and express your emotions

Find Your Flow begins May 1st, 2023

4 weeks / 5 calls

Week 1:  

May 1st, 7 pm est. 

Initiation Ceremony: Initiation call

Initiation Ceremony and sisterhood introduction.

Discussion to include the importance of creating sacred space, 

carving out time for oneself, self care and pause.   


May 7th,10 am est.  

EARTH Element:  Surrender your Bones 

Your bones are your Earth elemental, providing structure and foundation.

This week you will remember how to nourish, restore and feel the power of surrendering to gravity to repair your foundations. 

WOMB YOGA: Restorative Practice + Menstruation Attunement

Week 2 - May 14th, 10 am est. 

AIR: Find Your Breath

Your breath, lungs and heart center are your Air elemental,

providing heartfelt inspiration and aliveness.

We will focus this week on freedom, purpose and speaking your truth. 

WOMB YOGA: Gentle Flow and Breathwork + Post Menstrual Attunement


Week 3 - May 21st, 10 am est.

FIRE:  Feel Your Energy Body

Your energy body, or Chi is your Fire elemental.

Fire is the cauldron of your creative energy, focus and passion.

This week our focus will be on creating and manifesting your desires,

and sharing your voice. 

WOMB YOGA: Flow and Shakti Dance + Ovulation Attunement


Week 4 - May 28th, 10 am est.

WATER:  Honor Your Emotions

Your emotions and intuition are your Water elemental, providing you with deep, inner wisdom. This week we will slow down to listen to your emotions, dreams and intuition. We will loosen the spaces in your body and life so you can hear yourself. 

WOMB YOGA: Yin + Premenstrual Attunement

Investment: $111


Are you ready? 

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