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midlife + menopause

Midlife is a threshold of opportunity and profound transformation.

Midlife is a time to gain new perspectives, a time to challenge old belief systems,

a time to learn and explore your callings, and a time to claim your desires.

Menopause is a time of reclaiming identities that were limited to you earlier in life,

a time to heal old stories and wounds and a time to untangle and set yourself free.


Menopause is a time of great big power.

Midlife + Menopause are both times of transition and spiritual revolution.

Your self-care is no longer a luxury. 

why womb healing

You have been disconnected from our body. Your womb has carried emotional and physical trauma for you, your mother and grandmothers. A generational need for healing shows up in your life as menstrual disorders, reproductive challenges, dissatisfaction, relationship issues and more. 

Midlife and Menopause bring a need for womb wellness.

You are here because you know that healing is not just your own. It's generational. It is your birthright to experience joy and pleasure and wellness. 


my passion and purpose


My mission is to serve women with organic and somatic remedies and rituals for (hygienic) care of their body, mind and spirit. With wellness coaching and healing practices, this work seeks to uplift women throughsupporting menstrual health, perimenopause and menopause - including imbalances, disconnection, emotional and spiritual healing.

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