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Womb Yoga Activation
for menstruation, midlife and menopause

All of your stories are stored in your body.

Your hips are your emotional center… they remember EVERYTHING!  

Your hips hold unprocessed emotional tension, shame, stories and patterns. 

You have been taught to ignore your body, her cycles and rhythms.

You may be afraid of pleasure, play or voicing your needs.



Imagine releasing limitations and

out dated patterns from your body.

Imagine connecting with your cyclical nature,

creating new energetic imprints, new pathways

and feeling freedom in your body. 

Imagine finding your FLOW.

~ If you are ready;


for organic self-healing for your body and soul.


to physically and energetically support your body


to create new awareness and honor your body's wisdom. 


 to awaken your wild feminine Flow


Flow is 4 week journey that merges somatic practices and womb-led yoga to give you tools to release blocks in your body and cultivate feminine flow.  

This is your journey to cultivate deep body wisdom, feminine connection, curiosity and a safe foundation within.

Womb Yoga is a practice designed to enable you to reconnect with the natural wisdom of your body.Whether you have a womb, or not. Whether you are menstruating, or not. Whether you are a Maiden, Mother or Crone... Womb Yoga is designed to honor ancient blood wisdom of your womb and womb space frequencies as the source of feminine connection, 

intuition and wisdom. 

My journey with Yoga began with Haha and Kundalini in my early 20s as a way to cultivate deep spiritual connection within. In my mid 40s I my body began to guide me through organic movement as I practiced yoga. I started my studies in feminine yoga and well woman yoga therapy. 


I created Flow as a practice and lifestyle filled with curiosity, discovery, journaling and sacred rituals in the safety of your home. 


This work comes with a whisper. A soft awakening.

It will not jar you, push you or force you. That curiosity inside of you is a subtle invitation to remember what you already know.



this transformational space will help you...

~ activate, explore and nurture your cyclical nature

~ experience new connection with your body and womb

~ feel profound embodiment and understand your needs

~ receive intimate support and sisterhood


What’s included: 

~ Virtual Workshop and Womb Yoga classes. Each class is filled with womb wisdom, journal prompts and womb yoga Flow. (Recorded)

~ Emails with focused attention. Each email will include unique practices, journal prompts and sacred rituals designed to support your connection with Womb Yoga.  

~ Private Text connection for intimate support. Share your experiences, ask questions any time and feel fully supported by me as you connect with your body in a whole new way. 

~ 1 Virtual Integration Session + Bonus!. Meet with me in my Private Zoom Room share your experience and stories and receive a Womb Oracle Reading (Bonus).   

"I am forever grateful. Thank you so much for reminding me of all the ways I can align with my unique flow and my authentic truth."​ ~ Jenni

Flow begins August 1st, 2023

Call #1:  August 1st, 7 pm est. 

Initiation Ceremony: Initiation call

Initiation Ceremony and sisterhood introduction.

The importance of creating sacred space, and sacred time for yourself,

self care and pause rituals. *recorded. 


Call #2: August 6th,10 am est.  

EARTH Element:  Surrender your Bones 

Your body is the Earth, providing structure and foundation.

This week you will remember how to nourish, restore

and feel the power of surrender to repair your foundations. 

WOMB YOGA: Restorative Practice + Menstruation Attunement

Call #3:  August 13th, 10 am est. 

AIR: Find Your Breath

Your breath, lungs and heart center is Air, giving you heartfelt inspiration.

We will focus this week on freedom, purpose and sharing your truth. 

WOMB YOGA: Gentle Flow and Breathwork + Post Menstrual Attunement


Call #4:  August 20th, 10 am est.

FIRE:  Feel Your Spirit

Your spirit is Fire, the cauldron of your creative energy and passion.

This week our focus will be on creating and manifesting your desires,

and sharing your voice with the world. 

WOMB YOGA: Flow and Shakti Dance + Ovulation Attunement

Call #5:  August 27th, 10 am est.

WATER:  Honor Your Emotions

Your blood is Water ... your dreams, emotions and intuition.

This week we will slow down to listen to your emotions, dreams and intuition.

We will loosen the spaces in your body so you can hear your inner voice. 

WOMB YOGA: Yin + Premenstrual Attunement

$122 Early Bird Pricing until July 24th.

Regular Pricing $177.

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