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The Midlife Pilgrimage

is unique for each woman. Rarely do we speak about the unraveling of her stories.

Midlife is NOT just about hormone shifts, hot flashes and weight changes. Midlife is an initiation…. a threshold to the next chapter of your life.

It may help to know that when you are in Midlife everything you experience is trying to set you free - from all the women you thought you were supposed to be.

Rarely will you hear about the untangling of stories and trauma held in your body - menstrual trauma, sexual trauma, relationship trauma, ancestral trauma.

We don’t speak of Kundalini awakening or the Shakti rising, or our second Saturn return — the cosmic events and womb awakenings that coincide with Midlife and Menopause

What about healing your Maiden and Mother wounds?

You may hear plenty about how to manage the “crisis” and symptoms of midlife or menopause. You may find ways to stay young, and beautiful and keep a fast pace - even when your exhausted.

But have you considered following the spiritual untangling?

Have you thought about healing the stories stored in your body and womb space?

Are you interested in the soul work that comes with initiating into the Wise Woman within?

Midlife is the threshold …the invitation to feel, to reconnect, to rest and restore, to heal your body and soul.

Your body keeps the score - your stories, your mothers stories, and your grandmothers stories - are stored in your flesh and bones.

Your body knows the way home to your true self. Your Midlife pilgrimage can show you the way.

And, You don’t have to journey alone….

I am opening up 2, 6 - 9 month in person and virtual Private Mentorships. Each mentorship is uniquely designed support your Midlife Pilgrimage.

Flow is a 2 month virtual only Womb Yoga Activation Mentorship for Menstruation, Midlife and Menopause. Each virtual session is ceremonial and workshop style, with text and phone mentoring, integration session and a Womb Oracle Reading.

6 and 9 month mentorships are both hybrid: Embody is 6 months of Feminine Embodiment Mentoring with Monthly Healing Therapies. Wild is 9 months of Feminine Embodiment Mentoring with Monthly Healing Therapies and Plant Support (Rose, Blue Lotus, Chamomile, Cacao).

Embody and Wild both include virtual workshop style learning and in-person therapeutic sessions, with unlimited contact and support. These mentorships are ceremonial, gentle and intimately created to support you on your journey.


We are all uniquely created, divinely held in our human journey. Reconnecting with and embodying your full divine feminine essence is a multi-layered journey. Each mentorship offering is unique, with you in mind. We begin with a Discovery Session to tune in to where you are on your journey.

Do you feel curious? Visit to Book your Discovery Session today.

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