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Tea or Cacao Ceremony intuitively crafted for calm synergy, heart opening and intuitive guidance.

  • 1 hour
  • 111 US dollars
  • Michelle Renee, Midlife Midwife

Service Description

Ceremony is a form of inviting awareness and an opening to altered states of consciousness ~ where healing happens. I offer both Tea and Cacao Ceremonial journeys crafted to include breath work, meditation and channeled guidance. TEA CEREMONY: A beautiful way to unwind in stillness while sipping on a warm bowl of tea. Ancient tea servers used tea to cultivate an equanimous mind, or stable and balanced mind. Traditionally, we sip 4-5 bowls of tea in silence. This style of ceremony invites you inward. Your focus becomes you and your tea. Sacred Tea Notes include: Blue Lotus (soft, deep, eternal light); Puerh (grounded, rooted Earth); Rose Petal (gentle, heart opening, love). CACAO CEREMONY: The spirit of Cacao is said to create feelings of relaxation and heart opening - bringing about feelings of happiness and a sense of connection. Cacao is regarding as sacred plant medicine and has been used in indigenous communities for centuries. Sacred Cacao Notes include: Chamomile (gentle, innocence); Damiana (spicy, sensual); Maca (rooted, sensual); Rose (floral, love); Vanilla (just yummy and sensual); also includes spices like cinnamon, cardamum, coriander and pink salt.

Contact Details

  • 301 North Tubb Street, Oakland, FL, USA

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