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womb wellness

Your womb is more than the physical reproductive organs in your body - vagina, cervix, ovaries and uterus. The womb rests within the Pelvis of the body ... the seat of our wisdom and power. When the womb is out of alignment life feels out of balance. Womb wellness is an important tool to bring about balance of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.


Many women have felt that their menstrual cycles, midlife or menopause are a burden...

Experiencing disconnection and disorders and lack of pleasure.

Women have experienced a lack of compassion or understanding about their body's natural rhythm and wisdom, from medical professionals and our western culture. 


Women are seeing the generational need for healing show up in our lives as menstrual disorders, reproductive challenges, dissatisfaction, relationship issues and much more. 

​Transitions like Midlife and Menopause have been seen as a burden

and misdiagnosed as a time of crisis. 

why womb wellness

A womb~centered approach to wellness focuses on the somatic field of bodywork and therapeutic movement to help you heal on a physical, emotional, spiritual and cellular level. This approach helps you unwind from old patterns and stories, paving new energetic pathways of awareness, support and self~care practices.

Whether you are menstruating, experiencing peri or menopausal symptoms, or have a partial or full hysterectomy - you still have a womb space. Your womb-space is an energetic portal of divinely feminine power, alive and waiting for you to connect with her.


my passion and purpose

My mission is to serve women with organic and somatic remedies and rituals for body, mind and spiritual wellness. With womb wellness coaching and healing practices, this work seeks to uplift you through supporting menstrual health, perimenopause and menopause - including imbalances, disconnection, emotional and spiritual healing. 

discovery session

Are you curious or excited to know more about Womb Wellness? Schedule a free session discovery call to see if this spiritual work is for you. 


womb yoga


Womb Yoga is an experience of connecting with your body and inner wisdom through intentional somatic movement - inviting you to connect organically with your body and her cycles.

By merging softness and fluid movement with asana, Womb Yoga is an exploration into formlessness and surrender. This yogic practice blends Hatha, Yin and Restorative Yoga with Shakti dance to open pathways of inner connection. Womb Yoga is less about structure and more about self discovery and cyclical wisdom.

womb reiki

Womb Reiki is a unique weaving of sound and grounded healing with Reiki energy healing. Weaving Restorative movement and Reiki to bring the body and parasympathetic nervous system into alignment, Womb Reiki allows your body to move into a state of gentle healing.

Each session begins with a gentle ceremony and grounding meditation to help you clear blocks from your body. I use song and sound to specific body zones for energetic harmonizing as well as additional tools to enhance this session, including tuning forks, drumming, bells, chimes, humming, herbs, flowers and crystals.


flow mentorship


Flow is an 8 week journey that merges menstrual awareness with womb-led yoga to give you tools to release blocks in your body and cultivate feminine flow.


Imagine releasing limitations and outdated patterns from your body. Your stories are stored in your body, your hips are your emotional center. If you have been taught to ignore your body, her cycles and your feelings you may feel afraid of pleasure, play or voicing your needs.

Flow is an 8-week private, virtual workshop and yoga practice that includes email prompts, private text support, rituals, integration and Womb Oracle Reading. 

Bonus: 50% Yoni Steam Ceremony as Integration Ceremony.

Discovery Session required before you book. 

womb wellness consultation

Wellness consultation is crafted to support your womb wellness journey. We will work to discover your womb awakening and wellness needs. Each session includes a holistic wellness check on your physical, emotional and spiritual body. We will tune in to the pelvis and spine, your relationship patterns, past lovers, ancestral stories, wounds and energetic cords.

This Womb Wellness Consultation includes your first Yoni Steam Ceremony with intuitive, shamanic connection. Crafted with a special blending of Ceremony, sage and herbal smokes, Womb Reiki, Womb Yoga, breath work, meditation, channeled guidance and supportive prompts for at home integration. 

Vaginal steam plans and herbs included from time to time.

Discovery Session required before you book.


yoni steam ceremony


Uniquely crafted to support you womb wellness, maintenance and care. Each session is crated to maintain and support your wellness journey. We will check in to what is new, what is shifting, your current alchemy needs.

Each session continues an intuitive shamanic connection with Ceremony, sage and herbal smokes, Womb Reiki, Womb Yoga, breath work, meditation, channeled guidance and prompts for at home integration

Vaginal steam plans and herbs included from time to time. 

Discovery Session and Womb Wellness Consultation required.

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